RFP leader successfully negotiates with two coalition partners in Lesotho

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The leader of Lesotho’s newly established Revolution For Prosperity party  (RFP), Sam Matekane, has successfully negotiated with two coalition partners to form a government.

The eight-month-old RFP won 56 out of the 120 seats in parliament but needed the support of other parties to reach the 60 plus one seats required to form a government.

The two smaller parties, the Alliance for Democrats and Movement for Economic Change, say they are ready even under trying economic conditions.

Asked if they still insist on not using state cars, or government residences, Matekane says, “Indeed, I still maintain I have not flip flopped. We are aware that government follows protocols. We will peruse the law, and seek council, but we maintain that things done right. We wish to use our family cars, our own residences up until the matters of economy look stable.”

In the next step, the national assembly will reconvene for the swearing in of the new parliamentarians who will appoint the Prime Minister, who will then be inaugurated after being presented to the King. Lesotho is a constitutional monarchy and the king has no formal power.

Political Analyst, Dr Tlohang Letsie says the results of the poll seem to indicate a protest vote: 

Additional reporting by Ditaba Tsotetsi