SANDF aims to curb illegal activities between SA/Lesotho border post

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The South African National Defence Force has intensified efforts to curb illegal activities which take place between South Africa and Lesotho border post. Many cases of undocumented illegal immigrants and livestock have been reported.

The Corona festive operation has kicked off at the Maseru border post – the busiest port of entry from South Africa to the kingdom of Lesotho. It is separated by Caledon River.

A lot of illegal activities are reported to be taking place there.

Now, the SANDF works closely with the SAPS to safeguard the border as those who cross over, risk drowning or getting arrested.

“We have been living here for long and so far, nothing has happened. We cooperate with law enforcement and we are documented,” says Teboho Mokatsanyane, resident.

The operation also targets illegal grazing without documents and where possible, livestock gets impounded.

“We work together with the SAPS to try stop the illegal activities here. The challenges that we get is when we are unable to walk in our territory because of the river and sometimes we miss our target because of that,” says Mmanti Manamela, Platoon commander.

The highest illegal activity which takes place throughout the Lesotho port of entry is stock theft.