New party wins most seats in Lesotho’s election

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It was only formed earlier this year, but the Revolution for Prosperity has emerged as Lesotho’s biggest single party following an election last week.

That announcement was made by the southern African kingdom’s election commission on Monday (October 10).
However it also said that the party, created by diamond magnate Sam Matekane in March, has fallen short of a clear majority.

With 56 seats, RFP will now have to court other parties to pave the way for a change of government in Lesotho’s 120-seat parliament.

Lesotho – a land-locked enclave within South Africa – has been marred by years of political instability under the current governing party, the All Basotho Convention.

Friday’s (October 7) election went ahead despite a deadlock in parliament on a range of constitutional reforms aimed at bringing order to Lesotho’s fractious politics – and which were meant to be enacted before the vote.