A review of policies in schools to deal with bullying is on the cards. That’s the word from the Deputy Minister in the Presidency, Zizi Kodwa, after visiting the family of the Bhisho High school learner, Lathitha Nako, who committed suicide due to alleged bullying.

On Monday, her classmates told the SABC that they had reported her alleged bullying at the school but nothing had been done.

Learners vented their anger demanding action against bullies in the school.

Kodwa says more needs to be done to address bullying in schools.

“We must rally as a society but we should be worried that this incident may be the tip of the iceberg, there could be many in that school, it could be many around the Eastern Cape or the country and we must condemn such incidents. Schools must be the center of learner tolerance for people so that they understand these are the fundamentals of our constitution,” Kodwa explains.

The Head of the Eastern Cape Department of Education, Dr Naledi Mbude, says they have placed two teachers on precautionary leave while they continue with their investigation into the matter.

“It cannot be that when something like this happens emotions overtake the due process. It’s important that we wait for that report because investigators are on-site. Remember that the children are writing at the same time so you can’t put aside the National Senior Certificate, you’d be risking that element to just quickly get answers,” Dr Mbude says.

VIDEO: Emotions run high as learners remember Lathitha Nako: