‘There’s a need to investigate record label exploitation of artists’

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The Arts and Culture Minister Zizi Kodwa says there is a need to expand the investigation that a music label has launched into the record companies’ exploitation of artists.

The investigation has already found one record label guilty of exploiting artists.

Kodwa says for local artists to avoid being exploited, they must establish their own music record labels.

He was speaking at the funeral of the multi-platinum award-winning singer-songwriter Bulelwa Mkutukana also known as Zahara at the East London International Convention Centre.

The musician died at a Johannesburg hospital two weeks ago at the age of 36.

“Few years ago, I was not even in government at that time, we had to build what’s now called Afrotainment in Durban. As a consequence of that most musicians from the area of Durban they don’t have to go by force to Gauteng it is by choice. We must make that opportunity in the Eastern Cape so that artists like her don’t have to go to Johannesburg, some of them get exploited by record labels.”

Zahara’s send off was a moving tribute that celebrated her contribution into the music industry.

Musician Ringo Madlingozi meanwhile, lamented the way some people in the music industry treated Zahara.

“Zahara, we have failed Zahara as South Africans. Radebe we have failed Zahara, to protect Zahara. Zahara gave us good music.”

Funeral Service of Bulelwa ‘Zahara’ Mkutukana:

New Music

Veteran musician and producer, Mojalefa “Mjakes the Producer” Thebe says Zahara’s fans should expect music from the departed songbird sometime next year.

Thebe was speaking at her memorial service atthe East London International Convention Centre on Friday.

He says in his last moments with Zahara, they created two songs in which she thanked her fans for their unwavering support. Thebe says the late artist was going through a lot.