Retired detectives recalled to fight crime in Jukulyn

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Government will recall some retired detectives to assist with the over 300 active crimes committed in Soshanguve’s Jukulyn area. That’s according to Police Deputy Minister Cassel Mathale.

He met residents in Jukulyn on Friday to discuss rising crime levels in the area. The area is awash with car hijackings, gang violence and robberies.

Jukulyn is beset by rising crime. Efforts to stem this have largely been unsuccessful. Some residents say criminals are working with rogue police in the area.

Gang activity is fierce in the area, as are hijackings and robberies on a daily basis. Even learners are not spared with a learner being shot and killed on New Year’s Day.

The Deputy Police Minister conceded a satellite police station is not enough. He admitted there’s a problem with rogue officers but says it’s not rife.

“I can’t say here that we don’t have elements within the police who work with criminals, they are there and we arrest them when we find them within the system but generally speaking majority of police officers are good officers and are doing an excellent job and proud of what they are doing. But, those rogue elements in SAPS who do wrongdoing, we are on them and we are on record, the evidence is there. These are their observations and they give us information because most of the people we arrest are because of the information we get from our people,” says Mathale.

He denied assertions that the imbizo was part of a cheap electioneering ploy, saying it’s part of his department’s ongoing community engagement programme.

Video: Residents appeal for intervention as violent crimes increase in Jukulyn, Soshanguve