Nigerian nationals arrested for attack on Kimberley Police Station

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Eight Nigerian nationals have been arrested and charged with public violence and malicious damage to property after they allegedly broke the windows of Kimberley Police Station and damaged police vehicles.

The suspects were apparently retaliating after police arrested a Nigerian national for allegedly being in possession of drugs.

Provincial SAPS spokesperson Cherelle Ehlers says, “During the execution of the arrest, the man allegedly resisted and assaulted SAPS members with a tyre strip. A large group, all believed to be Nigerian nationals, attacked the members and damaged SAPS vehicles.”

She adds: “Police fired rubber bullets to disperse the crowd, (and) during the process, the suspects broke windows at the police station. The group approached the police station and threatened to retaliate. The operational commander warned the group to disperse. Upon dispersing, the group damaged police vehicles, (and) another four suspects were arrested for malicious damage to property.”