Ramaphosa humbled at reception ahead of ANC Manifesto Launch

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African National Congress (ANC) President Cyril Ramaphosa says he is humbled at the reception that he and the governing party have received in KwaZulu-Natal. This follows reports that the province will be hostile to him after the formation of the MK Party associated with former President Jacob Zuma.

For the past week, Ramaphosa, the other top six officials and dozens of NEC members have been in the province to mobilize support for the launch of the ANC Election Manifesto at the Moses Mabhida Stadium on Saturday.

Ramaphosa will deliver the party’s manifesto launch.

“The reception of people of this province is to the ANC is more than warm. You can just feel the heartbeat of the support that the ANC has. I think the ANC is ready to take the province by storm. The issue of tribalism for me does not even begin to enter the process. The people of KZN are part of the SA, and all of us should feel proud of being South Africans first. Thereafter say yes I speak Venda and somebody else speaks Zulu and that in itself, is the beauty of what we should see in all of us as South Africans,” says Ramaphosa.

2024 Elections – Ramaphosa to launch ANC manifesto in highly contested KwaZulu-Natal:

Manifesto Launch

At least 66 000 ANC supporters are expected to fill up Durban’s Moses Mabhida Stadium. In light of the huge number of supporters that are expected, law enforcement officials tightened plans on the eve of the manifesto.

Due diligence has been done regarding the safety and security of the ANC manifesto. That’s an assurance by Police Minister General Bheki Cele.

They were inspecting the readiness of the stadium to host well over 100 000 ANC supporters in and around the stadium.

The ANC has dubbed its manifesto launch, Mayihlome, a Zulu word to mean, “Let’s be armed.” Party leaders led by Ramaphosa have been mobilizing support in the province this week.

The ANC, like some of the country’s top parties, has its sights set on KwaZulu-Natal. The province also draws the biggest number of ANC members.

The Police Minister says police will be deployed to manage the crowds.

“The organizers will see how to deal with that. We understand that there is an overflow outside, they are looking again at about 50 000 people. So we are ready for this as the South African Police with all other law enforcement.”

Insights on ANC Manifesto Launch in KwaZulu-Natal with Asanda Ngoasheng:

Roadblocks will also be conducted in and around Durban. National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure co-chairperson, Lieutenant General Tebello Mosikili was also on hand at the stadium.

“We have adequate numbers to respond to the challenges that are at hand. As the minister has already indicated that we had other activities and other events before this one, the planning is the same. We look at what needs to go into the specific event, and plan accordingly. Yes, I can confirm that we have adequate number of resources in a multidisciplinary way to each other in the law enforcement fraternity to ensure that we respond to all eventualities. ”

eThekwini metro police spokesperson Boysie Zungu says metro police officers will be deployed around the stadium to monitor traffic.

“Only one road that will be closed, that is Masabalala Yengwa between Smiso Nkwanyana and Sandile Thusi to allow pedestrians to walk. All the busses will go and park at mastering feed in Natal command and then they will walk to the stadium. Umngeni road won’t be closed, but one lane will be coned for the buses to off load. The pedestrians will be able to enter the stadium from the north side.”

Gates are scheduled to be opened at 7 o clock.

Tight security at ANC election manifesto launch in Durban:

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