Ramaphosa ready to go back to work

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President Cyril Ramaphosa says he is energised and ready to go back to work after being requested by his medical team to take a break.

The President told the SABC that he is looking forward to a busy week at the economic front.

The President shared his thoughts about the up-coming medium term budget statement and the investor conference that will take place on Friday.

He says he is also going to tackle the water crisis in Limpopo Province, especially in the rural areas.

A relaxed President attending the normal ANC officials meeting at Lutuli House, but took time to reflect on the coming week.

“I am back to work in good shape and fit as a fiddle. And I was able to rejuvenate myself and renew my energy cells. So I am feeling really good and strong as well. This is going to be an important week for the economy.”

The country’s economy will come under the sport-light his week when the new minister of finance unveils his first mind term budget that will outline government income and expenditure.

The President will be among those who will be in the national assembly listening to the finance minister.

“We are going to meet the heads of our missions. Our various ambassadors are posted all over the world and will be getting together focusing on economic issues.  Thereafter I am going to Cape Town where the minister of finance who will be presenting a statement. So I will request all South Africans to listen to Tito Mboweni doing his jive at the national assembly.”

Another important engagement will be attending the Investment Summit, which will be taking place in Johannesburg from Friday.

The conference is expected to attract international investors and CEO’s of big companies.

“We have an investment summit that will accommodate over 1200 people largely in the country. State Owned enterprises as well as corporates in our country. But we will also have internationally-based people who would want to invest.”

The President said he is confident that these engagements and other initiatives will be able to pull the country out of its economic woes.

The country is in a technical recession and government has called on all stakeholders to work together to boost growth and create jobs.