Ramaphosa is ‘not delaying’ to sign the Political Party Funding Bill

A sitting in the National Assembly
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The Presidency says President Cyril Ramaphosa is not delaying to sign the Political Party Funding and the Public Audit Amendment Bills into law.

Ramaphosa says he wants thorough constitutional and legal scrutiny of the Bills to avoid any constitutional implications before the Bills can be enacted.

The two Bills were passed by both the National Assembly and the NCOP over three months ago.

The Public Audit Amendment Bill seeks to strengthen the powers of the auditor general and the Political Party Funding Bill aims to regulate party funding.

Presidential Spokesperson Khusela Diko says the two Bills including the Protection of State of Information Bills are currently being prioritised.

“It’s not really a delay signing these bills into law. The president has requested a very thorough process where an analysis is done on the constitutionality of these bills. He has also requested a full report on the submissions that have been made during the parliamentary processes. He is quite  aware of the urgency of some of the bills that are  sitting  on the table, including the Public Audit Amendment Bill, the Protection of Information Bill, the Political Party Funding Bill. And they are all receiving the necessary attention. The president has requested that they are treated with the necessary urgency. So, legal council who is currently advising the president on those Bills,  is working to ensure that within the  possible time frames they are completed.”