President Cyril Ramaphosa, in his capacity as African National Congress (ANC) leader, has paid a visit to party veteran Majorie Nothemba Fazzie in Duncan village outside East London.

This is the second visit after Ramaphosa visited her home in January this year.

During that visit, Fazzie complained about the small size of her house and Ramaphosa promised to renovate it.

Ramaphosa says his visit is aimed at assessing progress made in the construction of her house:

“We are very happy that the construction is underway. I’m told that by January this house would be complete.It would be a much bigger house, a much better house. It would have better finishes inside and Mama Fassie will be able to live in a measure of comfort.”

Meanwhile, ANC Deputy Secretary-General Jessie Duarte has interacted with the community of Maiden Farm in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape.

Residents raised service delivery problems related to housing, water and electricity provision during a door-to-door campaign she conducted in the area.

Some residents raised the issue of poor planning as their RDP houses are built on wetlands.

They also highlighted poor workmanship that is evident in cracks in their RDP houses and leaking water pipes due to poor plumbing.

Duarte says the problem needs to be addressed urgently.

“What we’re really doing at the moment with Thuma Mina is not to ask people anything more. We’re just asking them what things needs to be fixed. What the problem is is the quality of the houses and that’s what people are concerned about. In some areas there’s been rectification where the house is completely broken down and then rebuilt again. But the questions that we will put to the executive mayor as well as the MEC for housing is what are they going to do about the quality of these houses. People complain that in some areas the houses have been built on a water area.”