Ramaphosa calls on churches to pray for peaceful elections

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The African National Congress (ANC) president, Cyril Ramaphosa, has called on churches to pray for South Africa to have peaceful elections come May 29 and for the IEC to conduct free and fair elections. This as the country marks 30 years under a democratic government.

Ramaphosa emphasised, however, that he is not campaigning as he visits churches during this Easter weekend. On Good Friday he was at the Eagle Christian Church in Bloemfontein, accompanied by Free State ANC chairperson, Mxolisi Dukwana and other officials.

The IEC has a huge task to run the most complex elections since 1994. The sentiments were shared by Ramaphosa who appealed to the church to pray for a strengthened democratic process.

The church prayed for his protection, guidance and energy.

The ANC president also passed his condolences to the president of Botswana Mokgweetsi Masisi following the horror bus crash in Limpopo, that claimed the lives of 45 Botswana nationals, the only survivor being an eight-year-old child.

“He was grateful not only for the condolences but also for the cooperation and assistance and the help that a number of our officials near that accident and the people of South Africa have rendered to the families of those who have passed away. We are really sad about this happening on an Easter weekend when they were going to Moria for prayers and I will also be talking to the bishops of the two Lekganyane churches to pass my condolences.”

Ramaphosa has also congratulated the new president of Senegal, Bassirou Diomaye Faye following the presidential election last Sunday. The election was preceded by violence after the outgoing president Macky Sall unconstitutionally postponed the polls. That decision was later reversed and the election proceeded.

“We congratulate him. They ran a very peaceful election process and the electoral body did finally pronounce that yes he is elected as I understand and there was even a concession by the other competitor. So it’s important for as many countries in the continent to access to good democratic practices where changes of government are smooth and they are well run and accepted by everyone.”

Ramaphosa also reacted to the International Court of Justice’s decision to grant South Africa’s request for additional provisional measures related to the dire situation in Gaza.

“We are very pleased and sad about the outcome of the ICJ. Sad because it just confirms that what the ICJ had ruled before was not heeded by Israel and we needed to go back and argue another case or continuing case particularly with the concern that we have that there may be attacks on Rafa. So the outcome of the court was displeasing it means that it needs to be heeded we need to see the end of the slaughter.”

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Demonstrations outside church

Meanwhile, some residents from Grassland 3 in Bloemfontein demonstrated outside the Eagle Christian Church. The residents lamented the lack of development in their area for over 15 years.

They have called for investigations to find out what happened to the money, that they say, the authorities allocated for development.

“There was a time that we were issued with letter of municipality that we owe service and everything. We learned that they think that we have toilets yet we don’t have. The human settlements had said that they have paid everything and that place is known as developed.”

“Nothing else other than to be given what is rightfully ours which is toilets as well as water that’s all that we ask. For the safety of our kids, for the safety of our environment because if you can go there when is summer the flies we will go inside the house, it is not a good environment.”

Ramaphosa confirmed that he was informed about former President Jacob Zuma’s involvement in an accident and says the matter is under investigation.

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