Ground Work Collective launches election observation portal

Elections ballot box
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Civic organisation, Ground Work Collective (GWC), has launched its independent election observation portal.

It says the aim is to encourage registered South Africans to sign up as independent election observers ahead of the May 29 elections.

On election day, observers monitor polling stations to assess the conduct of voting, adherence to electoral laws and the overall integrity of the process.

GWC ambassador and independent election observer, Zulaikha Patel, says it is essential for young people to vote.

“For so long we’ve seen young people’s challenges in this country. We’ve seen the lack of advocacy around young people’s challenges. We’ve seen young people not being heard by people within government and decision-makers.”

“So, it’s important that young people form part of deciding who their decision makers would be and form part of shaping the country,” she adds.

The video is the full interview with Zulaikha Patel