The Soweto Tourism Association has called for the public’s support to help stop the total liquidation of the Mandela House Museum in Soweto. Orlando residents and Soweto Tourism are working to fight a liquidation process intended to sell the historic attraction site.

Soweto Tourism Association Chairperson Thato Mothopeng says, “The place is not in debt. One of the trustees claimed that. Mandela House is basically mismanaged by the trustees. You can imagine with the job losses that we are facing, the economic state of the country, we had to now push for the liquidators to reinstate the staff and reopen the museum. In the meantime, we are looking for strategic partners, advisors, and people who want this house to benefit the people of Soweto. We need your support as we cannot afford to have our legacy just flushed down the drain like that.”

Early last year the spread of COVID-19 had a drastic impact on the tourism sector, with some small businesses forced to shut their doors.

In Soweto, the popular Vilakazi Street, the heartbeat of tourism in the township, resembled a deserted town.

Bicycles and tuk-tuks that were used to transport tourists were being used for deliveries.

But now as the second wave hits the country, the tourism industry is once again at the mercy of the virus and unsure of what the future holds.