Provinces navigate financial constraints amid reduced allocations

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Several provinces in South Africa are grappling with financial constraints and are devising new strategies to generate revenue.

This challenge arises from reduced allocations of funds to provinces as part of government initiatives aimed at consolidating budgets to mitigate debt.

Gauteng, Limpopo, and the Western Cape are the initial provinces to disclose their 2024/25 provincial budgets.

Gauteng’s Finance MEC Jacob Mamabolo and Limpopo’s Treasury MEC Seaparo Sekwati will present their budgets today, while Western Cape’s Finance MEC Mireille Wenger is scheduled to present hers on Thursday.

Chairperson of the Finance Portfolio Committee in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature, Paul Malema says, “Among other things, we would have expected the MEC to say something about the complete removal of e-tolls from the province and also for the MEC to outline the process on how the Gauteng provincial Treasury is going to fund all the commitments made by the Premier of Gauteng during his SOPA. It is desirable that the budget should be in a way that is not going to compromise service delivery in the province.”

Gauteng, Limpopo to table their 2024-25 provincial budgets:

Story by: Matimu Khosa