Protests continue in Westbury after the release of suspects

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Police have managed to disperse a group of protesters who had been blockading roads with burning tyres and rocks in Westbury in Johannesburg.

The group took to the streets in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The protest was sparked by the provisional release from custody of two of the four people arrested in connection with the murder of Westbury mother Heather Peterson.

Peterson was killed after she was caught in the cross fire of a gun battle between alleged drug dealers in October.

Gauteng police spokesperson Lungelo Dlamini says police are monitoring the area.

“There was a small group in the street that burned tyres but police went and when they saw the police they moved away. At this stage the road is open and police are there to monitor the situation but we are advising motorists that when they see any blockages they must contact the police because the group is moving from one place to the other.”

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