Pretoria High Court postpones Myeni trial

Dudu Myeni
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The High Court in Pretoria has postponed the trial in the matter between the Organization Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) and the former Chairperson of the SAA board, Dudu Myeni, to the 21st of October.

Myeni’s new legal representatives, Advocate Nqabayethu Buthelezi requested more time to prepare for the trial.

Outa brought a case against Myeni to have her declared as a delinquent.

The organisation says SAA incurred losses of up to R16 billion during Myeni’s tenure at SAA.

Judge Ronel Tolmay was addressing Myeni’s lawyer at the court.

“Mr Buthelezi, you must also inform your client that if she terminates her legal representative services, this is a civil matter, this court cannot issue a warrant for arrest, but if she terminates your services and she’s not present on the 21st of October – I’m not talking about if you are still representing her – then it’s for you to decide if she’s here or not. But if she terminates your services this matter can proceed without her,” says Tolmay.