Policing services in communities is improving: Mahlobo

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African National Congress NEC member of the subcommittee on peace and stability David Mahlobo has emphasised the improvement of policing services in communities.

Mahlobo was speaking during a media briefing at Luthuli House in Johannesburg, ahead of the ANC’s elective conference.

Mahlobo says government has introduced specialised units to withstand violent protests, corruption and other crimes.

“Policing services have grown massively to meet the needs of all communities, especially those that were neglected under apartheid. We have reintroduced specialised units that have been established to provide highly-trained public order policing to withstand violent protests, corruption and other types of crimes. Correctional Services has improved the quality of prison infrastructure, limited the number of escapees, reduced the number (of) awaiting trail detainees and integrated parolees into communities.”