Two suspects have been arrested and R100 million in drugs seized, following a raid on a farm operating as a drug lab at Phutaditjhaba in the Free State.

Two houses were also simultaneously raided in Kibler Park and Forrest Hill, both in the south of Johannesburg, after police positively linked them to the lab.

Drugs, chemicals and money were found on the premises. Nine others were arrested in Soweto and Mpumalanga – bringing the total number of arrests to 11.

National Police Spokesperson, Vish Naidoo says, “The people that were associated with the drug lab as well as the houses share the same surname. The indications are that they are in some way or the other linked, they either manufacturers or they supply each other. We can see that there’s a pattern or a trend of them being associated with each other in some way. All indications are that they are part of one syndicate. We will just continue with the investigation and we will see exactly to what extent these people were involved together.”