Police investigating the torching of five trucks in Mpumalanga

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Police in Mpumalanga are investigating a case of malicious damage to property after five trucks were torched on the N4 in Waterval Boven. Truck drivers were attacked and robbed of their belongings on Sunday.

The N4 toll road at Waterval Boven had to be closed for almost the whole day as workers cleaned the remains of the torched trucks. The trucks were set alight after an armed group of men attacked their drivers and robbed them their belongings. The drivers ran for their lives and spent the cold night in the bushes.

“As I was driving on the N4, there were people throwing stone on the road and made fire on the road. They fired two bullets and another one on the right-hand tyre. That’s when I managed to run away. I saw this other truck torched and I realised that I am in trouble, then I fled. The reason I ran away is because they were firing gun shots,” a truck driver said.

Another driver who didn’t want to be identified says he was driving from Mozambique to Middelburg when he was accosted.

He says five men who were wearing masks pulled him out of his truck and fired some shots.

“I saw about five guys with masks coming to my truck. Immediately, I tried to get out of the truck, but I thought of my documents and I managed to take my phone. When they arrived at the door they asked for my cellphone. I told them I left it at the truck. They pulled me out of the truck. I could hear gunshot. The only thing I thought of was running away,” another truck driver explains.

Five trucks torched early this morning on the Waterval Boven N4 road in Mpumalanga:

Provincial Police Spokesperson Selvy Mohlala says they are following on some leads.

“Up to so far, we have not arrested anyone. However, we are happy that no one has been injured in this particular incidence. Another thing is that these guys were utilising two vehicles, a bakkie and a sedan, and we believe that information will assist us in our investigation,” says Mohlala.

Police remain on high alert.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is urged to call the nearest police station.

Torching of trucks | Economic impact: