Plans under way for burial arrangements of gas leak victims

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The Ekurhuleni Municipality says it is considering engaging the embassies of the countries of origin of victims of the deadly gas leak incident in Boksburg, east of Johannesburg to discuss plans for burial.

Seventeen people died and 11 others have been hospitalised following the incident which happened in the Angelo informal settlement on Wednesday.

A gas cylinder was discovered at a shack used to process gold from illegal mining.

The Ekurhuleni Member of the Mayoral Committee on Community Services, Bridget Thusi says the deceased are from Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

“The mood is very sombre. They don’t know what to do because I mean, it’s a huge number. One lost six family members and the other one, it’s four. So, they’re making arrangements in terms of taking them to their countries of origin and which is in this case, Mozambique and Zimbabwe,” says Thusi.

“So, we’re in the process of just figuring out and seeing whether we must get the embassies involved in terms of assisting with the burial,” she adds.

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