‘Personally I have benefitted from democracy’

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Meshack Sono runs a small construction company at his home village of Barseba, near Rustenburg,  North West.

He’s an outspoken social activist and a member of the local Barseba Development Forum.

The Forum advocates for local development, while calling upon government to cooperate with the private sector for local socio-economic upliftment.

Sono says he has benefitted and is still going to benefit from democracy.

“Personally I have benefitted from democracy and I am still going to benefit. Firstly, my mother who is unemployed receives an old-age grant every month, unlike in the past, when they used to receive it quarterly.  My younger siblings are unemployed, they also receive child support grants.  My younger siblings’ children, who go to school without eating at times, get free meals at school – through the government’s School Nutrition Programme. This land has been allocated by the community, to establish Barseba Sports Ground. It is one of the achievements of the Barseba Development Forum, the organisation we established in the past.”

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