The murder case against Dumisani Mkhwanazi accused of killing University of Johannesburg student Palesa Madiba is expected to get underway in the high court in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

The case was postponed on Monday after Mkhwanazi’s attorney Dominic Thinane failed to appear in court allegedly over legal fee payment issues.

The video below is about Monday’s court proceedings:

Madiba’s body was discovered buried in a shallow grave at the accused’s home in Soweto in December 2015.

She had been reported missing two years earlier after visiting her friend, Tshidi Mkhwanazi, who is the niece of the accused.

Presiding judge Prince Manyathi lashed out at the Mkhwanazis in court over the delays in the case adding that Modiba’s family have a right to a speedy trial.

He asked Tshidi to ensure that Thinane is present in court on Wednesday.

“You have to go and get Mr Thinane. Whether you phone each other or not I am not interested in those particular issues. Make sure that you get Mr Thinane. If Mr Thinane is not here by Wednesday and you are not sure as to what you want to do, I am going to set a trial date and you are running the risk of conducting this matter on your own without any attorney,” said Manyathi.

In 2016, Madiba’s remains were handed over to her family:

Below is Madiba’s funeral: