Young Sowetan brews own craft beer

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With Youth month drawing to a close, the spotlight remains on the high unemployment rate of young people. The statistics show that one in every three youth have no job.

Pushing some into starting up their own businesses, instead of looking for formal employment. One such young person is a Soweto-born entrepreneur who brews and distributes his own brand of craft beer, Tsikwe Molobye.

He offers a sample of his beers to tourists and locals who frequent the area.

Molobye, founder and head brewer of Stimela Brewing, says the brewing started off as a hobby.

“I started as a home brewer, I started in the house brewing in my kitchen my wife endured much smelly night in the kitchen, but yeah it was a fun journey,” he said.

Nestled in the heart of Soweto, the popular Vilakazi Street in Orlando West sets the backdrop which a young businessman plies his trade. His business has grown in leaps and bounds.

“At the moment we are waiting for the response to our funding application at the IDC, but I’m confident that we will get the funding that we need, and then we will see Stimela take off nation wide.”

The spirit of the youth remains undefeated, some have turned to music and recording..

“It has been an independent record label ever since but without funding but I has survived and inspire young people to come and record in a professional studio,” said Siphiwe Mngadi of Blazabhu Rekordz.

But the biggest message for the youth is to take ownership of their future by creating opportunities for themselves.