Nzimande slams DA’s approach on language policy to attract Afrikaans speaking voters

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The Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology Blade Nzimande has lashed out at the Democratic Alliance (DA), saying it is using the Language Policy Framework of Higher Institutions to attract Afrikaans speaking voters.

He was answering oral questions in the National Assembly.

The DA asked Nzimande why he thinks that Afrikaans and all Khoi, San and Nama languages are not being excluded or disadvantaged by definition of indigenous languages in the language policy framework of higher institutions.

Afrikaans to be phased out at the University of Pretoria:

The Minister said all languages are protected, however attention is given to all African indigenous languages that were suppressed in the past and Afrikaans was privileged.

“It is a fight between the DA and the FFPlus as to who is the best representative of the Afrikaans language and the Afrikaans speakers, and I am just being collaret damage in what is actually an electoral and this issue arose now in the lead up to the local government.

The DA is however scared that the FFPlus is taking its votes away from them that is why they don’t deal with the real issues trying to appeal to Afrikaans speakers in order to increase the vote of the DA.”