NUM to oppose move to oust it as majority union at Gold One

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The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) says it plans to oppose its rival union the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union’s (AMCU) latest move to oust it from being the majority union at GoldOne Modder East mine in Springs, east of Johannesburg.

Last week, AMCU approached the courts to seek an urgent order that a ballot be conducted to allow workers to choose their preferred union.

The AMCU’s efforts to gain recognition at the mine have resulted in workers staging a sit-in underground and the mine suspending operations over the past three days.

The NUM Spokesperson, Livhuwani Mammburu says they will challenge AMCU’s court bid.

Mammburu says, “The National Union of Mineworkers is opposing the urgent application filed by AMCU. We are resolute that the petition that they are using as a base for their application is highly questionable and remains to be verified considering the conditions under which the petition was obtained, the petition was not verified, invalidated by a reputable organisation like the CCMA. The NUM wants the petition to be verified and validated by the CCMA. “

Operations at Gold One Modder East mine halted: