North West foreign nationals whose shops were looted seek assistance from govt

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Foreign nationals whose shops were looted during the recent riots in the  North West provnice are appealing to the government for assistance.

Over 700 shops belonging to foreign national were lost through looting and vandalism in the provincial capital, Mahikeng, alone. 

Many more shops were looted in other North West towns and cities as protests against Premier Supra Mahupamelo turned violent in the past week.

A leader of the foreign community in Mahikeng, Ahmed Ibrahim, says hundreds of foreign nationals have been left destitute.

“In this political scenario lot of people lost shops, they came empty there is no cash on them, they do not have clothes on them, almost 300 people here they don’t Have nothing, nothing. So we ask from the government we need a financial backup where we can start our shops again. Each and every one has family to look after and if we have from the government safety and security it will be easy for us to back to the community again,” says Ibrahim.