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Evidence of culture of initiation Parktown Boys High School
30 August 2018, 9:21 PM

Peter Harris, from HNM Attorneys, says they’ve found evidence that a culture of initiation exists at the Parktown Boys’ High School.

Harris was presenting the second report into allegations of abuse and assault at the school in Johannesburg. Harris says boys were being forced to use the same razor blades – and there’s evidence to support allegations that an educator collected money to bring in a stripper one night.

He says a learner also committed suicide after being subject to assault at the school – and that the previous report found no evidence of this.

“The allegations of strippers being brought into the school during night parties, we find that there is sufficient evidence to indicate that that educator did order a stripper to come to the school on the night in question, and there are witnesses to this event,” says Harris.

He says that there is also the possibility that these events have led some of the learners to commit suicide.

“We found there was one learner who had committed suicide. We went through the psychologist’s report and it was clear from the reports – and we quote from it extensively – that the learner had been the subject of assault at the school, and that had contributed to that person taking his own life. We were also informed that there are 33 boys currently receiving counselling and 6 of suicide watch,” says Harris.

More Soweto foreign-owned shops closing doors after violence
30 August 2018, 8:36 PM

More foreign-owned shops are closing their doors, fearing further looting and violence. This after the three people were left dead in Soweto, south of Johannesburg when locals attacked foreign businesses.

Twenty-seven people were arrested for among others murder, attempted murder, possession of unlicensed firearms and public violence. Some of those under attack took cover at the local police station with what they could salvage.

Elizabeth Qayiso’s grandson Banele, was one of the victims of Wednesday’s attacks. He was in a spaza shop buying a few items when locals stormed it. Violence broke out and he was shot dead.

“My heart is so sore, I feel like screaming. At first, I was in a state of shock, now I feel like screaming, I could not believe it I thought he would walk in the door any minute, but he is gone,” says Qayiso.

Innocent Langa’s family is equally distraught. He was shot in the head and is still fighting for his life in hospital. His aunt, Nomusa Langa says she was told Innocent was coerced by a group of friends to join in the looting.

“They said that he was shot in the back (of the head) and the bullet lodged in the brain. Doctors have asked us to take a decision on whether to switch off the machines,” says Langa.

As mop-up operations continue, both local and foreign shop owners are counting their losses. While shops remain closed, there is fear and uncertainty as to whether the violence will continue.

Those arrested will appear in court on Friday.

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Four people remain critical after Beaufort West bus crash
30 August 2018, 7:29 PM

Four people remain in a critical condition in hospital following a bus crash near Beaufort West in the Central Karoo on Thursday. The crash has already claimed 10 lives. 

According to Western Cape Traffic Chief, Kenny Africa, some passengers were trapped beneath the wreckage.

One of the injured patients died later in hospital, and another succumbed to his injuries while trapped underneath the wreckage.

Thirty passengers sustained injuries.

The bus was travelling from Cape Town to the Eastern Cape, when it lost control and overturned.

Officials from the Naledi Bus Company say they’ve received reports that a Kudu allegedly jumped across the road before the crash early this morning.

The Beaufort West municipality says injured passengers were to the George Provincial Hospital in the Southern Cape. Care packages and food have been prepared for the survivors.


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Calm in Soweto but police remain vigilant
30 August 2018, 6:09 PM

Police say the situation in Soweto remains calm but they are maintaining a strong presence in the area after clashes between angry residents and foreign shop owners turned violent on Thursday.

Three people died and twenty-seven people have been arrested for various crimes, including public violence, murder and attempted murder, as well as the possession of unlicensed firearms.

Foreign shop owners were evacuated after their shops were targeted by looters. The police’s Lungelo Dlamini says police will continue to monitor the situation.

“Since yesterday the situation was quiet. During the night we deployed members all over the area and also today, there are members who are monitoring the area. We want to make sure that this violence does not erupt again,” says Dlamini.

Meanwhile, the Gauteng Community Safety Department says the looting of foreign-owned shops at White City in Soweto is not as a result of claims that the foreign shop owners are selling expired goods, but an act of criminality.

The Gauteng Community Safety Department has confirmed that the death toll in Soweto has risen to three following the clashes.

Twenty-seven people have been arrested for various crimes including murder, attempted murder, possession of unlicensed firearms and public violence.

Gauteng MEC for Economic Development Lebogang Maile says the provincial government will dispatch a team to investigate the violence.

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University of Limpopo students deny walking out exam
30 August 2018, 4:18 PM

Third year Education students at the University of Limpopo are denying reports that they walked out of an examination room because the Philosophy paper they were writing was too difficult.

This after a video of University of Limpopo students boycotting an exam trended on social media.

According to those who posted the video, the students were protesting because the exam was too difficult. One of the students is who boycotted the exam, Aubrey Mogano says it had nothing to do with whether or not it was a difficult paper.


He says they walked out because they were given a wrong paper by their lecturer.

“The paper was very much wrong. The scope was out of content. We cannot write a test which was not properly prepared for us. This test I can even write it if you put it to me is just that it was not properly prepared,” says Mogano.

He says the exam has been rescheduled.

“This lecturer does not take us serious in any way but we met with the lecturer today [Friday] he said we are going to write on the 12th – which means he will prepare a better test than this one,” says Mogano.



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