Third year Education students at the University of Limpopo are denying reports that they walked out of an examination room because the Philosophy paper they were writing was too difficult.

This after a video of University of Limpopo students boycotting an exam trended on social media.

According to those who posted the video, the students were protesting because the exam was too difficult. One of the students is who boycotted the exam, Aubrey Mogano says it had nothing to do with whether or not it was a difficult paper.


He says they walked out because they were given a wrong paper by their lecturer.

“The paper was very much wrong. The scope was out of content. We cannot write a test which was not properly prepared for us. This test I can even write it if you put it to me is just that it was not properly prepared,” says Mogano.

He says the exam has been rescheduled.

“This lecturer does not take us serious in any way but we met with the lecturer today [Friday] he said we are going to write on the 12th – which means he will prepare a better test than this one,” says Mogano.