Evidence of culture of initiation Parktown Boys High School

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Peter Harris, from HNM Attorneys, says they’ve found evidence that a culture of initiation exists at the Parktown Boys’ High School.

Harris was presenting the second report into allegations of abuse and assault at the school in Johannesburg. Harris says boys were being forced to use the same razor blades – and there’s evidence to support allegations that an educator collected money to bring in a stripper one night.

He says a learner also committed suicide after being subject to assault at the school – and that the previous report found no evidence of this.

“The allegations of strippers being brought into the school during night parties, we find that there is sufficient evidence to indicate that that educator did order a stripper to come to the school on the night in question, and there are witnesses to this event,” says Harris.

He says that there is also the possibility that these events have led some of the learners to commit suicide.

“We found there was one learner who had committed suicide. We went through the psychologist’s report and it was clear from the reports – and we quote from it extensively – that the learner had been the subject of assault at the school, and that had contributed to that person taking his own life. We were also informed that there are 33 boys currently receiving counselling and 6 of suicide watch,” says Harris.