Nine slain suspects illegally occupied Mariannhill property: Police

Forensic pathology services and residents at the scene of the shooting in Desai in Mariannhill.
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Police in KwaZulu-Natal say the property in which nine suspects were killed in Mariannhill west of Durban was illegally occupied.

The suspects were wanted in connection with a series of violent crimes.

They were killed in a gun battle with police this morning.

It is alleged they had forced the owner out of the property and had occupied nearby homes as well terrorised residents.

Police have launched a manhunt for two remaining suspects.

Police spokesperson Robert Netshiunda says, “When we got intelligence that they were here in this house, we found that the house belonged to somebody else whom they also took the house from forcefully, not paying rent and chased whoever was close by. They took ownership like a gang would, to show power that nobody can come here and do anything.”

The Community Policing Forum Chairperson, Dawoot Chirwa says the killing of the suspects will bring relief to residents.

He says, “You see if people are living in fear, we have a Constitution, if you infringe my rights of movements, it is a citizen of this country you are robbing. If you are carrying firearms at broad daylight, it is not allowed. So police had to do what they had to do because the community has cried a lot, especially in this area. I was also a victim once upon a time. I lost my sister and my son.”

VIDEO |Community Policing Forum Chairperson interviewed on the nine suspects who were killed in Marianhill :