N3 Toll Concession expecting high traffic volumes as travellers head home

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The N3 Toll Concession is expecting extremely busy volumes of traffic from KwaZulu-Natal to Gauteng as scores of holidaymakers head back home.

The N3 toll Route Consortium has reported over 2 000 vehicles an hour passing through tolls at peak times on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Gauteng alone has recorded around 200 road fatalities this festive season so far.

“There was an extreme volume on the route yesterday. We reached highs of more than 2400 vehicles an hour in a single direction northbound toward Gauteng and that continued with high volumes reaching around 2000 vehicles an hour throughout most of the day. Traffic eased around 8pm in the evening. Our forecast is that we should expect quite busy volumes today. It could reach highs of more than 1500 vehicles an hour but traffic hasn’t reached that yet,” says Thania Dhoogra, N3 Toll Concession Operations Manager.

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