N Cape education failed to disinfect Elcon hostels for learners

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The Northern Cape Education department has admitted that it cannot say for certain when learners will be allowed back at the hostel and therefore back in the classroom.

Department spokesperson Lehuma Ntuane says, “The Department of Education is busy with the process of appointing additional staff at Elcon Hostels so that we are able to handle and deal with the needs of our learners. Currently the hostel is being disinfected and cleaning is taking place and we have urged the Retlameleng principal to provide any education support to learners who are currently at home.”

Some children living with disabilities have not been able to go back to school since the reopening of schools on Monday after shutting their doors nearly three months ago.

The Northern Cape department of education failed to clean and disinfect the hostel in which the learners live in time for the recommencement of reopening of schools.

Parents are now worried that their children will be disadvantaged when they are able to return to school and have demanded a plan be made for their children.

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