N Cape Liquor Board’s relaxation of Sunday sales sparks reactions

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The Northern Cape Liquor Board’s decision to lift restrictions on Sunday alcohol sales and extend nightclub opening hours has been met with mixed reactions. The province remained one of the last to ban the sale of alcohol on Sundays.

Some have warned that the province is reversing the gains made in dealing with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).

Fatima Malo, chairperson of the Moral Regeneration Movement in the Northern Cape, says the authorities should have organised public hearings before implementing what she calls an ill-considered decision.

Northern Cape’s new liquor act: Maurice Smithers

Mixed reactions

The move has garnered mixed reactions. The Liquor Traders Association Convener, Lucky Ntimane has given the move the thumbs up, saying it will create employment.

Liquor Traders Association Lucky Ntimane says “We would like to commend the Northern Cape Liquor for taking this bold move to support the agenda of creating.”

Some residents supported the association’s sentiments. “It’s cheaper at the bottle store, tavern is expensive. You buy a 750ml for R21 and at the bottle store it’s R19.” “We do not have a problem of extension of hours of trading because where we stay it’s safe.”

However, not everyone shares the same thoughts. Other residents have bluntly rejected this decision, including Nthabiseng Lempe who is a parent. “It’s hurting for parents. you expect your child to be home early but the child is not there.”

Northern Cape Moral Regeneration Movement Chairperson, Fatima Malo says authorities should have organised public hearings before the implementation of what they call an ill-considered decision.

Northern Cape Moral Regeneration Chairperson, Dr Fatima Malo says, “We cannot accept and tolerate it. the liquor board has made a decision without consultation.”

Nightclubs across the province can now close their doors at six in the morning on Saturdays. Those slamming the Liquor Board’s decision say they hope this will not be detrimental to the province and worsen social challenges.