The State Security Agency (SSA) Domestic Branch Director, Advocate Mahlodi Muofhe, has sought to clear his name regarding his qualifications.

Muofhe has penned a letter to the Inspector-General of Intelligence, Dr Setlhomamaru Dintwe, demanding a withdrawal of his statement that Muofhe is under investigation for falsifying academic records.

This follows an interview between Dintwe and broadcaster eNCA in 2020, in which Dintwe claimed Muofhe was under investigation after a complaint was received by an anonymous informer.

Muofhe says he is not concerned over the allegations.

“I am not worried. I am actually worried about the fact that he [Dintwe], out of everyone, can think that this so-called anonymous informer is more credible than even checking with me or the SSC itself or the ministry. My CV is there and if you want to check whether one is registered with the legal practice council, it would have given him the information that I am registered,” adds Muofhe.

Click below to listen to the full interview with Adv. Mahlodi Muofhe: