Mpofu denies delay tactics in Zuma’s legal cases

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Advocate Dali Mpofu, the legal representative for former President Jacob Zuma, has presented arguments before the Supreme Court of Appeal, contesting claims that Zuma has abused legal processes to delay his criminal cases.

Mpofu’s argument hinges on the assertion that there is insufficient evidence to support the claim that any delays in Zuma’s legal proceedings were caused by the former president.

He further stated that the judgment from the Pietermaritzburg High Court failed to investigate the reasons behind any potential delays, attributing it to a rushed decision.

At the centre of the legal dispute is Zuma’s private prosecution against Advocate Billy Downer, the lead prosecutor in his ongoing corruption trial.

Zuma accused Downer of leaking his confidential medical records to journalist Karyn Maughan.

The Pietermaritzburg High Court ruled in favor of Downer and Maughan, a decision that Zuma’s legal team is now seeking to overturn through their appeal.

This ongoing legal battle is just one aspect of the complex legal challenges that Zuma is currently facing, including his corruption trial, which has been the subject of significant public attention and legal scrutiny.

President Jacob Zuma takes private prosecution court ruling to the SCA