Mixed reactions to Limpopo’s matric pass rate

Learners at their desks
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There are mixed reactions to the Limpopo matric class of 2023’s 79.5% pass rate.

Some political parties have called for the education authorities to ensure that the province maintains the upward trajectory.

The African National Congress (ANC) and the South African Democratic Teacher’s Union (Sadtu) have welcomed the results.

The province has attributed the improvement to team work among stakeholders.

The ANC Provincial Secretary, Reuben Madadzhe says, “We are very happy and delighted that after a serious hard work in our provincial government, we have got these numbers and these percentage are a sign that we are in charge of the province, and we are implementing what we have told the people of the province that we will do, because if you check 79, 54, it’s a 80%.”

“We gave them a target of 80% and we want to take this opportunity and um appreciate the leadership of the MEC responsible for our education,” Madadzhe adds.

Some opposition parties want government to strengthen its support for schools in rural areas.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Chairperson, Tshilidzi Maraga says it was not easy for learners to write exams during rolling blackouts.

Maraga says, “Let me start by congratulating the learners for the performance – parents and then principal teachers, who were always there for the learners, but what we were not happy of is what the government is doing to our learners, because when you check , the government respected the Rugby World Cup over the learners.”

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