Mayco restructuring will lead to service delivery: Plato

Dan Plato
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato says his planned restructuring of the Mayoral Committee (Mayco) will provide for better service delivery in the city. His plan entails splitting large portfolios such as Urban Development and Transport, and spreading portfolios between the Mayco members to ensure an even workload. He says reports in the media which claim that he will be expanding the Mayco are false.

“We just review the organisational design. It was a muck up structure with far too many portfolios and powers vested in the hands of two or three Mayco members. So it is a spread of portfolios to make for better working relationships in the portfolios with the officials, but also to spread the workload.”

Leader of the ANC caucus in the City of Cape Town, Xolani Sotashe, says Plato’s proposed changes to the Mayoral Committee is nothing but a reward for DA council members who were loyal and helped fight the party’s battle against former Mayor, Patricia de Lille.

Sotashe says they will be opposing the changes.

“These Departments must talk to each other, especially when it comes to budgeting.  It’s chaos what is happening here. I think what Dan is trying to do, he is trying to create a space for some of the liberals within the DA. It’s all about power struggles because now they are trying to create a space for Niewoudt, and Ian Nielson is going back to his old position.”

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