Mashatile urges motorists to exercise caution during festive season

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In his Christmas message Deputy President Paul Mashatile has urged motorists to exercise caution during the festive season.

With numerous reported collisions, 719 fatalities were recorded in the first three weeks of December. Whilst, this is a decline from the previous period last year, authorities expressed concern over the conduct of motorists.

Mashatile called on motorists to adhere to the rules of the road.

“We further urge motorists to adhere to the rules of the road, to arrive alive to their destinations, to drive safely, not drink and drive, and when tired, get some rest. Motorists and other road users travelling to various destinations are encouraged to avoid travelling at night. Where possible to be more cautious when travelling on weekends as road accidents are particularly high on these days as advised by the Road Traffic Management Corporation.”

The Deputy President has also called for a collective effort to ensure South Africa becomes a better country for all.

Mashatile says nation building exercise must continue.

Deputy President Paul Mashatile’s Christmas message: