Mashaba urges South Africans to make 2024 a year of hope

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Action SA leader Herman Mashaba has called on South Africans to make 2024 a year of hope.

He made the comments in his party’s New Year’s Day message.

Mashaba says, “For many, 2023 was a difficult year with immense economic hardships, but despite economic hardships, I am inspired by the unrelenting spirit of South Africans as I travelled throughout the country.”

“Let’s therefore embrace the coming year as one defined by hope not despair. Working together, we can make history in South Africa removing a corrupt government and bringing prosperity. Safer streets are possible, jobs are possible, and change is possible.”


The Freedom Front Plus( FFP+) has called on South Africans to help to facilitate necessary change in government, in the upcoming 2024 elections.

The party leader Pieter Groenewald says that South Africans faced challenges including rolling blackouts and unemployment in 2023.

He says that the upcoming elections will present an opportunity to bring about the necessary transformation.

“On behalf of the Freedom Front Plus, I want to wish everyone a prosperous 2024. This is the year that we can all bring change in South Africa. If we want change, we can do it. There is an important election that will take place in 2024, and therefore that is an opportunity to bring change and eradicate the challenges of 2023. 2024 is the year where we can make a difference.”

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Report by Sibahle Motha