New Year’s revellers hopeful about 2024

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Revellers who attended different events in Mbombela, Mpumalanga, to usher in the New Year, say they are looking forward to a prosperous 2024.

Some attended an event that was held at the Mbombela Stadium while others went to their favourite venues.

One reveller says, “2023 is over, I’m looking forward to 2024. There is a lot that I need to achieve. So it’s nice to be here, the gospel and to pray for the year. Hopefully, the Lord will answer and then I’ll have a very good year.

Some Mbombela residents are hoping that the country’s economy will improve.

One resident says, “I want to go back to school to do electrical engineering, but while I’m still here I have to work so that I can get money to go there.”

Another resident says, “I’m getting ready for 2024. This year has been good and bad, so I’m hoping that next year can be better, maybe lose some weight, better my business and just have a good time and live life to the fullest.”


Several people attended Pietermaritzburg’s Last Dance event yesterday.

Partygoer Zekhethelo Ndlovu says, “My New Year resolution is to finish my Master’s Degree and I have been dragging too long because studying is not that easy. But I trust God that in 2024 I will finish my studies, I wish myself a Happy New Year!”

Another attendee, Bukelani Zuma says, “We are planning very big and we have achieved a lot. We are planning to get married this year. So, we are happy that this year has come to an end.”

At the Woz eDurban party in Umhlanga, Ricardo Sumares and Sean Nourse say improving relationships with their families and growing their businesses are among their New Year’s resolutions.

Sumares says, “I want to make sure that I maintain my relationship with my family and to be successful in my life, and moving forward and have money. I wish myself all the best.”

Nourse says, “I haven’t been the best chap for me, let me be honest but I want growth. And I have set a lot for myself and I wish all the best for 2024.”


Thousands of people have braved rainy weather conditions to attend musical events in Durban to usher in the New Year.

DJs had the crowd on their feet at the Paradise Beach event at Durban’s Ushaka Beach.

Ntombi Mnomiya and Yenzi Mbatha were among the thousands of revellers at the event.

They say although 2023 was tough, they are optimistic that 2024 will be a better year.

Mnomiya says, “2023 was very difficult and this year I put myself first and everybody behind myself. I have been putting people first and they come with problems.”

Mbatha says, “ Shout out guys and I wish myself growth and growing everything that I am wishing and taking space you know.”

Cape Town

Cape Town has welcomed the New Year with the sounds of the Ghoema, banjos and brass bands.

This as some 35 groups from across the city took to the streets in the annual Malay Choir Road March.

Spectators lined the streets from early morning yesterday to ensure a front-row seat to the New Year celebrations in the Mother City.

The tradition dates back to the 1800s and is steeped in the history of slavery in the Cape.

The President of the Cape Malay Choir Board, Ismail Ely says, “Its a mixture of Dutch and Afrikaans that was mixed, so those that came over here, they tried to keep the culture alive, so they started with the Dutch liedjies, which is called the Nederlandse liedjies. The swaying part is the boat as it rocked, that is how they sway and they used to sing as they came here so they kept that tradition alive.”

VIDEO: 35 Cape Malay choirs welcome in the new year in the annual road march:

Report by Mthobisi Mkhaliphi, Vanessa Poonah and Khalesakhe Mbhense.