Malema urges members to keep ANC support under 50% in Northern Cape

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Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has called on members who attended the party’s provincial forum at Galeshewe Township, Northern Cape, to keep the African National Congress (ANC)’s support below 50% in next year’s elections.

Over 1 000 leaders of the party from all five districts of the province attended the forum held in Kimberley on Saturday.

Malema says the Ipsos poll, which has predicted a dismal performance of the ruling ANC, will be a reality in 2024.

The ANC currently governs the province with over 55% of the vote, while the EFF is the third largest party in the province.

Hundreds of EFF supporters in the Northern Cape filled the Mayibuye Centre to hear the address of party leader Julius Malema. They waited for over two hours for the official program to start and were elated when Malema finally arrived.

The supporters are the ones who have been tasked with convincing over 600 000 registered voters in the province to vote for the EFF. This is why the provincial leadership aspires to unseat the ANC.

ANC Northern Cape

ANC Northern Cape Chairperson Shadrack Tlhaole says, “We are very clear about 2024, just as much as our parents voted for the ANC. We feel that 2024 will be our 1994, and we will govern the Northern Cape.”

Sentiments were echoed by the party leader.

Malema says the ANC will face serious competition next year, adding that the status quo in the country cannot continue unchallenged.

The EFF leader has called on party leaders to start putting mechanisms in place to ensure victory in 2024.

The party prides itself on its student command, being at the helm of over 80% of tertiary institutions across the country.

Malema says these are clear signs that voters believe in the message of the party.

“The ANC will be faced with serious contestation; 2024 missed opportunities of 1994. overhaul of the system. Capitalism is replaced by socialism. Ipsos poll has put ANC  under 50%. We will put the ANC under 50%,” says Malema.

The party’s sights are set on the Union Buildings.

Supporters’ marching orders left no room for doubt that the EFF is aiming for the top.

Something, Malema says, once achieved, will end challenges like collapsing municipalities, failing economic growth and load shedding.

Malema is expected to hold a similar forum in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, on Sunday.