Land reform will adhere to SA’s constitution: Ramaphosa

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has promised the European Parliament that South Africa will enact land reforms in adherence with the country’s constitution.

Ramaphosa was addressing the Parliament in Strasbourg, France.

He says the process will be administered with respect of the human rights of all South African citizens.

The African National Congress is backing land expropriation without compensation and government is to initiate test cases to see if the constitution currently allows for the process.

On Thursday, President Ramaphosa will take part in a summit at the European Union headquarters in Brussels.

He is in Europe to discuss EU cooperation, trade and investment on a three day tour of France, Belgium and Switzerland.

The EU-South Africa summit is taking place in Brussels amidst a historic day for the European Union where Brussels and London have agreed a deal on how the United Kingdom will exit the bloc after it voted to leave two years ago.

Ramaphosa will be following this closely as the EU is South Africa’s largest trading partner in the world and Brexit will have ramifications on global partners.

The EU-South Africa summit is an opportunity for the president to deepen trade ties and economic cooperation which is a mandated priority for President Ramaphosa.

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