Klerksdorp residents concerned about scourge of crime in the area

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Residents of Klerksdorp in the North West have raised concerns about crime in the area. They say, theft of motor vehicle and robberies amongst others are rife. Large parts of Klerksdorp has been left vandalised and drug dealing, gangsterism and illegal mining activities are seemingly to blame.

Klerksdorp is a mining area surrounded by townships such as Kanana, Khuma, Stillfontein and Orkney amongst others. The Majority of community members do their shopping in Klerksdorp.

Unemployed people also flock into town to hustle for a few rands. The central business district is however, becoming very unsafe.

Earlier this month two men were killed and three others wounded when a group of gunmen opened fire on them as they were leaving a business premises in town. A man was also shot in a housing complex in town and eight men believed to be members of an armed gang were arrested in Jouberton last week.

Residents say they are no longer safe.

“On Friday I was victimised. I was robbed at gun point in my car and all my belongings were taken.”

“We are afraid of walking on the streets because we see everything happening in town, we are not safe.”

“I met three guys, they searched me and they did not get anything, after that they stabbed me.”

Afriforum Interim Chairperson Theo Gresse says crime also affects businesses.

“Well unfortunately we have huge crime in the CBD we have constant muggings, cell phone grabbing, vehicle breakings and even during load shedding business breakings. As you know four people were shot just two kilometres from here so we have a very urgent issue with crime.”

Lack of resources

The Community Policing Forum (CPF) in the area says though they work with multiple stakeholders including the police to help curb crime, lack of resources are a concern.

Chairperson of Community Policing Forum in Klerksdorp Mohamed Cajee explains:

“I think the lack of resources at SAPS is a big role, man power and vehicles. But community wise we will like more people to get involved so that we can make a bigger impact, more local people, more normal citizens to get involved in a community in blue project.”

Meanwhile, Provincial Police Spokesperson Sabata Mokgwabone says they are also concerned about the level of crime in Klerksdorp.

“Yes, we do have crime. Like I said it is a concern. At this stage it is difficult for us to say that it is increasing or not. But what one thing for sure is that one case is one too many. So basically we are saying that we are not satisfied even with a single case that is been reported. If we had our way we will say that we do not want any case to be reported. We are concern about the case been reported.”

Those fighting crime have called on residents to report any crime taking place in the area.