Kimberley residents hopeful municipality will solve water crisis in the area

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Residents of the Sol Plaatje Municipality in Kimberley are optimistic about the R1.9 billion cash injection to solve water challenges in the city.

Premier Zamani Saul announced in his State-of-the-Province Address that Treasury had invested the amount to tackle infrastructure challenges faced by the municipality.

Some resident say they are skeptical that water challenges will come to an end, owing to poor leadership.

The project is set to take place over a three-year period.

Sol Plaatje Municipality spokesperson, Thoko Riet, “The funding is in the tune of R5.2 billion over the three-year circle. (It) has been approved by tTreasury to address water infrastructure in the municipality. Work has already commenced with major upgrades earmarked for the period 2023/2024 up until 2025/2026 financial years,” says Riet.