Kimberley NGO urges increased Autism awareness

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A Kimberley-based NGO, Autism South Africa, says more awareness is needed about the condition. The organisation held its fourth awareness “Hoot4Autism” campaign to mark World Autism Awareness Month at Galeshewe in Kimberley.

Parents of autistic children used the day to distribute information pamphlets about the neuro-developmental disability.

Autism spectrum disorder is estimated to affect 2% of the South African population.

A Kimberley-based father with two autistic children, Gavin Baartman says parents need to learn more about the condition.

“People would stare and ask can she talk, can she do this and sometimes some people are not very tactful to realise this child is a bit shy let me not be like that, people are still ignorant and sometimes when they don’t know something, because even today you find parents with children who had being diagnosed and still not trained with autism they don’t know how to really deal with the kids.”

“Hoot4Autism” a campaign that aims to support people with autism: 

Thabo-Vuyo Autism Centre

Meanwhile, Gauteng Education and Youth Development MEC Matome Kopano Chiloane launches the Thabo-Vuyo Autism Centre in Sebokeng on Saturday in celebration of World Autism Awareness Month.

The centre will provide specialised educational support to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Organisations that support special needs education came out in their numbers to also share insights and exhibit services for parents who have children with Autism.