June Steenkamp says there can never be justice for Reeva

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The mother of Reeva Steenkamp says in a statement that there can never be justice for her daughter. June Steenkamp was reacting to the release of Oscar Pistorius on parole today.

Pistorius was convicted of the murder of Reeva in 2013.

Steenkamp says she wonders whether Pistorius has served enough time, adding that his early release affirms her and her late husband’s concerns about South Africa’s justice system.

She says the victim’s loved ones are the ones who are serving a life sentence.

Steenkamp says as parents, they have never come to terms with the loss of Reeva and the way she died.

She conveyed her gratitude to the media for the work done. But, labelled it a double-edged sword as they lost their privacy making it difficult to mourn in peace.

Steenkamp also thanked the public for their support but noted that the family also suffered abuse in the public arena.

She expressed her desire, that with the release of Pistorius on parole, she will be allowed to live her last years in peace focussing on the Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp Foundation to continue building her daughter’s legacy.

Pistorius became eligible for parole in March 2023, after serving half of his sentence of 13 years and five months for the murder.

Pistorius will be staying at his uncle’s residence in Pretoria. He left the Correctional facility in civilian clothing this morning. He headed to the reception at the correctional facility where he was housed for fingerprints to be booked out.

It’s understood that he was transported to a Community Corrections Office where he met his parole officer who explained the plan for the remainder of the parole sentence.

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