Judgment reserved in Hanekom, Zuma case

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Judgment has been reserved by the Durban High Court in a defamation case brought by former Tourism Minister  Derek Hanekom against former President Jacob Zuma.

Hanekom, who is also an African National Congress NEC member, is demanding half a million rand for damages after Zuma called him a known enemy agent on Twitter last month.

Hanekom says in court papers that it caused him great harm and is asking the court to order Zuma to retract the statement.

Zuma’s legal team is disputing this, saying the statement was made in the context of political debate.

Hanekom explains why he decided to approached the court, “This is not about me, what was said was offensive very hurtful and defamatory but is about truth versus perpetuated lies and malicious lies. For us to remain silent it’s not only me, it’s lies that have been told about general Nyanda about former minister Gwako Ramatlodi and myself and with a clear indication that there is more to come.”

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