Johannesburg ANC accuses Mashaba of not using infrastructure grants

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The African National Congress in Johannesburg has accused city mayor Herman Mashaba of failing to spend over 280 million in infrastructure grant. The party was reacting to Mashaba’s comments that the city would need R170-billion to revamp its collapsing infrastructure.

The mayor has blamed the previous ANC-led administration of having failed to maintain and renew the city’s infrastructure. 

Johannesburg ANC spokesperson Jolidee Matongo: “There is no money in the city of Johannesburg. R 284 million has been returned to the National Treasury in terms of Grants because Mashaba didn’t spend the money. That money was meant for grants to ensure that infrastructure is done. The city is in a brink of a financial collapse. He’s not going to be able to maintain infrastructure and rollout new infrastructure so he’s just drumming up an excuse for future failures that he’s going to experience.”