INFOGRAPHIC | Cape Town taxi strike

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Taxi drivers from Cape Town announced last week Thursday that they will be embarking on a strike that will last until the 9th of August. However, the strike is still ongoing and the South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) indicated that they will be going to court for an urgent interdict against the City of Cape Town.

They are protesting against the discontinuation of an incentive program by the Western Cape government. SANTACO also feels that authorities had unfairly targeted minibus taxi drivers by confiscating their vehicles for traffic safety issues.

SANTACO has urged its members to maintain calm during the ongoing taxi strike in the Western Cape. However, several areas like Nyanga, Mfuleni and Delft depot have been affected by the strike, incidents of looting and petrol bombings took place, commuters sustained injuries and five lives were lost.

Ten Golden Arrow buses have been torched to prevent commuters from using buses as alternative transport.

Below is an infographic illustrating the Cape Town taxi strike:

Cape Town Taxi Strike by SABC Digital News